Let’s Start Talking

11026221_382670445250102_7066012541563974278_nImprove your English. We offer ongoing English conversation courses using a workbook from Let’s Start Talking. This workbook uses the Simple English Bible as a text with which to start a conversation. Here is what LST says about their program:
Let’s Start Talking has been helping people around the world improve their conversational English skills since 1981.  Our program specializes in helping you go beyond classroom English language training, and increase fluency in your conversational skills by practicing in a one-to-one session with an individual American volunteer.
LST is recognized worldwide as the innovators of a unique approach to language learning. We believe that a friendly relationship and the exchange of personal insights contribute more to the development of language skills than most methods would suggest. (http://www.lst.org/practice)

If you are interested in reading together, please call the church office: 05121-56035

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